India's Biggest Triathlon

Hyderabad Triathlon is an annual sporting event conducted in the glory of the sport, with an objective to create awareness about the Triathlon among the general public, improve physical & mental fitness of the participant, and also making it a family-friendly event to encourage the participation of families for a healthier lifestyle.

Why Triathlon 
Triathlon is not just a sport it’s a lifestyle. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned triathlete, young or old, male or female, an elite or a recreational athlete, triathlon is one of the few individual sports that allow us all to participate and compete together. Swimming, Cycling and Running are the three different disciplines of triathlon making triathlon a unique ‘one sport’.

A Triathlon is a sport event comprising three sports, swimming, cycling and running, to be completed in quick succession over various distances.

Triathlons typically begin with a swim, followed by cycling and end with a run.  

Hyderabad Triathlon gives you 5 different categories of triathlons to choose from.

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A Duathlon is a sport event comprising two sports, cycling and running to be completed in quick succession over various distances.

Duathlons typically begins with a run, followed by cycling and ends with a run.  

Hyderabad Triathlon gives you 6 different categories of Duathlons to choose from.

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Aquathlon is a sport where the participant swim and run. Hyderabad Triathlon 2017 offers  2 Aquathlons.

One for the Power Swimmers and one for kids.

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All in all a very well organised event! I participated in sprint triathlon. Hats off to to all those volunteers who were standing while day under hot sun en route and helping us throughout. Would definitely come again next year.

GREAT SHOW by the Hyderabad Triathalon team!!! You have proved your excellence once again!!

Very well organised event. This is my second year and the quality of volunteering has gone up. Hats off to the team.

One of the best and well-organized event in India. They managed to pull off so many events on a single day perfectly with perfect planning and execution. I took part in Sprint event and was completely satisfied with the quality, professionalism and exceptional support provided.