5 Common Mistakes By Beginner Triathletes

What is it that one does after registering or after considering to participate in a triathlon?
Especially if one is a beginner or a first timer triathlete, he or she would practice up for the event and definitely would work hard. Not everyone out there has instructors or coaches who are certified for a triathlon or have experience in triathlons which do create a pretty big window for mistakes and errors to make things go wrong on the day of the race or sometimes even the health of the participant.

by Kushal Gorti


Hyderabad Triathlon team made a little effort to help you out in making your journey of finishing your first Triathlon successfully and joyously. We hope Hyderabad Triathlon 2017 would be a stepping stone to kindle an interest in the sport and let you go to great lengths and distance to attain glory to yourself and everyone around you.

So, we present you the most common mistakes a beginner Triathlete would do:

1. Setting GOALS too high for the first race

Not always aiming for the stars makes a kid an astronaut. It takes practice and many efforts to become a pro. Many Triathletes tend to keep unrealistic goals for a beginner that end up in effecting his health, damaging his or her muscles. Aiming too high and being unable to achieve it would leave a bad after taste towards the sport which instead of cherishing it would be a harrowing experience for the participant.

So, as a beginner we would advise you to keep achievable goals and enjoy your first race and slowly but inevitably you will be able to achieve those goals with the many more races to follow.

2. Skipping Transition Practice

Triathlon isn’t just about swim, bike and run. A participant has to have a great practice to shift between practices ie. Swim to cycle and cycle to run. Not practising for the transition will inevitably increase the timing. Also, it has been seen that many triathletes lose their bike in transition.

To toggle these issues, a participant can have a simulation of the transition area and practice transitions by switching from swim cap, goggles to bike shoes, helmet, sunglasses applying sunscreen (helps prevent dehydration) and do the same with cycle-run transition. Also, it is beneficial to remember where the participant had left the cycle.

3. Changing routine on the race day

There are many things that can go wrong on the day of the race, eating something you don’t usually can make your stomach upset which can ruin the whole day and the experience of the Triathlon. Making a last moment change of gear may be uncomfortable during the race.
Try not to make any changes in routine on the morning of the race or in the last few days until the race.

4. Uneven Pacing

Pacing in the race is quite crucial as energy has to be used all through the race and not just a singular burst like a 100m sprint runner. Imagine a race as an apartment with water supply from a single tank without a refuel and there are many people to use water during that time. Imagine each person as a leg or a portion of the race. If the first person uses up a lot of water and the rest have to adjust around it and in the end there wouldn’t be any energy left.
Professional triathletes use energy as per the condition and for beginners its best to use same amount of water for every person i.e. Try distributing their energy all through the race and start conservatively so that one doesn’t substantially slow down at the end of the race or in some cases participants are unable to complete the race.

5. Improper Training

Many athletes, in the beginning have many ideas and inhibitions about training as they have many inputs from many different sources that clutters their decision making. For a major part many beginners hope something magical to happen in the race which seldom occurs.
To escape such delusions and confusions a participant or a trainee must know the purpose for every training workout like aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance, muscular endurance, speed skills and recovery; working on each of these will exponentially improve one’s strengths and negate one’s weaknesses and bring out good results on the eve of the race.

Before you start training for the Hyderabad Triathlon we would hope you go through these five most common errors a beginner would make in a triathlon so that you can make the best out of the race and let Hyderabad Triathlon 2017 be a stepping stone into the glory of the sport. We wish you all the best for your race.