The Desi Superman

Ever wondered how far you can go by choosing to convert your hobby into a full time pursuit?  Meet Sunil Menon, who did just that. Sunil, better known as the DESI SUPERMAN was a former IT employee, he quit his day job to become an Iron Man athlete and later a certified Iron Man coach. He coaches aspiring athletes for Marathons and Triathlons.


Sunil had completed the IRONMAN race in thirteen hours, he is focused on achieving the goal of completing the Half IRONMAN within five and a half hours.

A three-time participant and podium finisher at Hyderabad Triathlon, his favorite course in the Hyderabad Triathlon is the Half Iron Triathlon. Among the three sports of Triathlon, running is his favorite.

His preparatory ritual for any big race is by visualizing the race in his mind. He also meditates to enhance focus.  Sunil who is a hardcore running enthusiast, advises having proper form in all three disciplines to keep splints, fractures and ligament tears at bay.

Does he follow a specific diet during the course of a major event? “I practice my diet during training itself, so that I don’t face any surprises at the time of the event” he says.

Sunil who idolizes the three time Iron Man World Champion Craig ‘Crowie’ Alexander, when asked about his primary motivation training for the triathlon, effuses “I enjoy the process and it fills me with great energy.”

We ask him if he relies on any books or music for motivation.  “Not really”, he quips “the sound of my breath during the course of the event is quite enough to help me push my limits.” As for books, he recommends ‘Triathlon for Beginners ‘.

Any practice advice for a newcomer to be initiated into the sport? “Swimming and running thrice a week, cycling four times a week” signs off the Iron Man coach who likes to use a relaxed swim after a tough race to unwind.

We at Hyderabad Triathlon have always looked upto Sunil for expert advice and tips for making the event better and bigger. 

Wishing you all the very best Sunil for the future races and endeavours.