Triathletes of Hyderabad Triathlon

Meet Toshal Shenai participating in Olympic Triathlon at Hyderabad Triathlon 2017.


Tell us about yourself in a few lines. 

Based out of Bangalore, a digital marketer by profession and a foodie. I am a newbie in the world of triathlons. Have been running half marathons since a year, and cycling a bit since few months (have done a 200km brevet). Triathlon seems to be catching up across the country, and I too am excited to TRI!

Why do you TRI ? What is your motivation for doing a Triathlon/Duathlon ? 

I TRI because I love adventure. Running and Cycling have been fun activities. Swimming has been the biggest fear. So a Triathlon is the perfect sport that combines fun+ fear+excitement, gives a crazy adrenaline rush, is a very strategic sport where you have to think hard to manage all 3 sports and train with a lot of discipline. My motivation is to become a well trained triathlete, because I believe becoming a good triathlete is an adventure in itself.

Which event are you participating this year at HT 2017 ? How many times have you participated in HT and in other triathlon events? Which is your favorite kind of race?

This will be my first time at Hyderabad Triathlon. I have participated in just 1 triathlon till date (300m swim, 20km bike and 7.5km run at Fit I Am - TAD 2017) and fell in love with the sport. I like Half marathons the most and now training to make Triathlon my favourite in the near future.

How is your preparation for HT 2017 going? How excited are you for the event ?

Super Excited. I am currently getting my foundation right in swimming and will start proper tri specific training in September. Till then I will be busy with run-bike brick workouts. If I can categorize events, the Hyderabad Triathlon will be my A Race for 2017!